D.O. Pla de Bages

Its history

Since 1995, the Pla de Bages Denomination of Origin protects and groups the wineries and wines produced in the districts of Bages and part of Moianès, all of them with family tradition and with their own vineyard.


Located in the heart of Catalonia and close to Barcelona, the Pla de Bages Denomination of Origin rises between the mountain formations of Montserrat, the Serra de Castelltallat and the natural park of Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac. It is a unique landscape of small vineyard plots surrounded by forest and biodiversity that enrich the wine with a great imprint of the territory.


The history of the vineyard and wine in Bages goes back a long way. Some say the name comes from Bacchus, the pagan god of wine. Cups carved into the stone, medieval presses and the monastery of Sant Benet de Bages are witnesses to a splendid past that has become the identity and character of the people and the territory.


Barracks, vats at the foot of the vineyard and dry stone walls are part of the wine heritage, today recognized as intangible heritage and a UNESCO World Geopark.

Heirs of what was the area with the most vineyards in Catalonia, before the arrival of phylloxera up to 27,700 hectares of vines were cultivated there.


The most representative autochthonous variety of the area is Picapoll, which brings great personality to the wine. Recovering, preserving and getting to know native varieties such as Mandó and Sumoll means that the roots of the past inspire the vision of the future.


The DO Pla de Bages Wine Route is a cultural wine tourism route that allows you to discover the history, heritage, landscape, cellars and wines of this territory through more than 30 wine experiences of all kinds and establishments that permeate wine culture.

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