Geoparc – Biosphere

The treasure of our land

The legacy of a prehistoric sea

The rise of the Pyrenees, more than 36 million years ago, caused the sea that submerged what is now Central Catalonia to disappear. This phenomenon left spectacular rock formations thanks to the progressive precipitation of calcareous and saline sediments. These natural resources, of extremely high geological value, unmistakably mark the landscape of our territory, recognized as a UNESCO World Geopark.

The massif of Montserrat, the natural park of Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac, the Coves del Toll or the salt diapir of Cardona are the most unique exponents of the Geopark.

In the Molí estate, located at the foot of the Collbaix, in Manresa, the predominant type of soil is clay, soil that was stripped from the mountain and deposited on the terraces. The most remarkable characteristic of this type of soil is its great water retention capacity. This allows moisture to be kept on the surface for long periods of time, an exceptional fact because it favors the vine and the olive tree in times of drought.

On the other hand, the vineyards of La Casanova de Monistrolet, in Rajadell, are planted in fluvial land, sand, silt and gravel. Since the soil is unable to retain moisture, the hundred-year-old vines on this estate have had to take root far down in search of water, and have given rise to wines as characteristic as the Singular white, with an intensity as deep as its roots.

Wines that inherit the soil’s richness

The high minerality of this land is transferred to the organoleptic part of Collbaix wines and is perceived in its aromas and flavors, full of nuances. These are wines that have inherited the personality of the land, unique due to the landscape, the microclimate, the altitude and the influence exerted by the Collbaix, the hill shelters the vineyard.



Our commitment to the environment has been awarded to us for years with the Biosphere seal, a seal that makes us grow and improve year after year, dedicating all our efforts to be more sustainable.