Go one step further and accompany the visitor to experience all the stages of ripening through which the grape passes until it becomes wine. With this aim in mind, Collbaix Celler el Molí is launching a new wine tourism experience, ‘Unique wines at every moment’, unprecedented in Central Catalonia, in which visitors will be able to taste ten wines from different stages of their lives.

Josep Maria Claret, the winery’s alma mater and who has designed and will offer this unique experience to visitors, was clear that he did not want to remain on the surface of the most conventional visits, but wanted to convey, first hand, what the wines are like during their “construction”, before they are bottled. For this reason, it proposes an unprecedented experience in the territory. The experience, as usual, starts outside the Molí, among the vines and olive trees, while Claret explains the way the winery works the land (following the parameters of organic and biodynamic agriculture); and continues inside the winery’s facilities, to taste and learn about the organoleptic properties of the different wines.

Inside the winery, the visitors carry out the tasting: three young wines that are in the primary phase of elaboration. One of these wines, moreover, has the particularity of being vinified in a stone amphora, an innovative system that is practically unique in all of Catalonia, making it a very singular experience. Afterwards, once in the ageing room, the same wines are tasted, but in a state of 7 to 8 months later and in the middle of the ageing process in barrels. Here we compare the purity of two local varieties such as Mandó and Sumoll, grown in clay amphoras, with two foreign varieties: Merlot and Cabernet

In the final section, Collbaix Celler el Molí reserves two surprises in the form of tasting sessions, and then the visit to the tasting room ends with the tasting of two top-of-the-range Collbaix wines already bottled. The tastings are accompanied by high quality local gastronomic products.

This is a unique visit, which is offered on the first Saturday of each month in groups of maximum 12 people. It’s already available and you can book it here.