What is better than the conventional wine? What does it mean to work the land in a biodynamic way? At Collbaix Celler el Molí, the first organic winery in the DON Pla de Bages, we explain it to you.

At Collbaix Celler el Molí we have been working in an ecological and biodynamic way since our beginnings. In fact, in 2005 we became part of the register of the Catalan Council for Organic Agricultural Production (CCPAE), thus becoming the first organic winery in the DON Pla de Bages.

What are the organic wines of Collbaix Celler el Molí like?

  • The vines are marinated only with organic compound of animal and vegetable origin.
  • Let’s not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides or industrial herbicides. The crops also do not contain any residual chemicals. Therefore, these are natural, certified organic and healthier grapes.

We work according to the standards of biodynamic agriculture

Apart from being an organic winery, we work based on the principles of biodynamic agriculture, which is why we have been working on this project for over a year:

  • We work according to the astronomical calendar, taking advantage of the gravitational influence of the moon and the constellations, seeking a balance between man and the earth, and trying to ensure the health of the soil and plants.
  • We conceive our farms as a whole, fully respecting the relationship between soil, plants and animals, as a system that feeds back and has a minimum of human intervention.

5 benefits of organic wine

  • First of all, organic wine is healthier than conventional wine. The use of authorised oenological products is fully regulated. Therefore, it is much more respectful of our organism. On the other hand, chemicals contained in other wines can cause problems of intolerance in other people.
  • The wine, which already has a proven antidepressant and anti-cancer power, can be more beneficial if it is organic wine, since the clarification treatment prior to bottling is carried out using vegetable protein and throughout the winemaking process the levels of sulphur dioxide (SO2) are kept as low as possible. Organic wine prevents cardiovascular problems, is rich in antioxidants for the chemical composition of the grape itself and can be a fantastic natural antihistamine.
  • Thirdly, an organic wine is much more environmentally friendly than a conventional wine and generates a minimal environmental impact.
  • Another reason to opt for an organic wine is the balance it expresses on a sensory and organoleptic level. Conventional wines can suffer from imbalances caused by poor soil management, which then appear in the form of green tannins and bitterness that can alter the original taste and aroma. On the other hand, organic wines preserve intact the tastes and aromas of a balanced wine.
  • The fifth reason to opt for an organic wine is to defend the traditional way of making wine. By working the land in an ecological and biodynamic way we keep alive the way our ancestors did and we put in value that which is organic.

Taste the wines of Collbaix Celler el Molí, the first organic wines of the DON Pla de Bages. We respect the environment, we respect natural processes, we promote our health.