On Thursday, the Collbaix Celler el Molí facilities hosted the presentation of a stage finish for the 100th edition of the Volta Ciclista a Catalunya. Collbaix Celler el Molí is one of the sponsors of this stage finish, which was made possible through collaboration of the sponsors and their support for the Manresa City Council.

The Volta will be held from 23 to 29 March. The Manresa stage, will begin in La Pobla de Segur, with the finish line at number 44 Carretera de Cardona in Manresa. The entire Volta, including the Manresa stage, will be broadcast live in 190 countries. In Catalonia, it will be shown on Esport3. Teledeporte, Eurosport and the Basque broadcaster EiTB will show highlights. More than 170 accredited journalists will be reporting on the race. In Manresa, the press room will be in the Casino.

The other sponsors are Carrefour Manresa, Control Sistemes, Denso, Deporvillage, ICL Iberia, McDonald’s, Món Sant Benet-Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera and UManresa (UVic-Ucc).

The presentation was attended by Manresa Mayor Valentí Junyent and Rubèn Peris Latorre, President of the Volta Ciclista a Catalunya. Also attending were Antoni Massegú Calveras, Deputy Mayor for Sports for the City Council, Víctor Mur Milà, General Secretary of the Volta Ciclista a Catalunya, and representatives of the various sponsors.

In addition to Sebastià Catllà and Josep Maria Claret (from Collbaix Celler el Molí), Christian Noguera (Carrefour Manresa), Xavier Pladellorens (Deporvillage), Joan Farrés and Xavier Furió (Control Sistemes), Josep Manuel Giménez and Alfons Menor (Denso), Valentí Martínez and Àngels Fuster (FUB), and Beny Leifer (ICL Ibèria) were there. Oliva Torras Group CEO Sebastià Catllà was also present on behalf of Món Sant Benet Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera. Representatives of the Penya Ciclista Bonavista cycling club and the former professional cyclist Francesc Sala were also in attendance.

The event, which was covered by several media, ended with a tasting of two Collbaix Celler el Molí wines paired with Muntanyola d’Ampans cheeses.