On Sunday, 6 October, Collbaix Celler el Molí took part in the DO Pla de Bages and Cavas de Artés Wineries Wine Show, together with fourteen other producers from the wine regions. The event, which was part of the Bages Harvest Festival, was a magnificent opportunity to present practically all the winery’s wines, as it was heavily attended, with visitors filling the Plaça Vella de Artés.

Collbaix Celler el Molí showcased seven wines at the event: the three varieties of Zagal (white, rosé and red), Llobeta, Rector de Ventallola and the Singular white and Singular red. As Josep Maria Claret, head of Collbaix Celler el Molí, pointed out, ‘The Harvest Festival continues to grow each year in terms of visitors, sales and tastings. This year was no exception.’

Claret added that the majority of visitors are increasingly from outside Bages, ‘people who come from other regions, usually wine enthusiasts, with wine knowledge, who are familiar with DO Pla de Bages wine region products and hold them in very high regard’.

For all these reasons, the winery came away with a glowing opinion of the event, in terms of both the number of visitors and the ‘excellent’ reception of its wines.